China-Sweden Tensions Flare Up: Another Trade War in 2020?

China-Sweden Tensions Flare Up: Another Trade War in 2020?

Is there any real doubt that a trade war with China-Sweden would be devastating to our economy and the global economy? This is the same thing as an all out war, which has been ongoing for the last several years.

We know from past incidents with China that they will not hesitate to violate our intellectual property rights. And this is happening every day.

You need to understand that if we default on our government debt we would have a default on our national credit card. If China were to shut down our steel mills, our iron ore mines and our electrical manufacturing facilities - we could not afford it.

The House Republicans passed a bill that would allow Congress to allow the debt ceiling to be raised, which would be disastrous for the United States. It would put us right back into another huge economic crisis.

However, there is a chance that the United States will be able to win the trade war with China, or at least slow down their exports to us. Now, what will this mean for the rest of the world's economy and the rest of the world's wealth?

We are now a major producer of oil, gas, and coal, which are currently subsidized by the Chinese, who want to increase their economic power in the global marketplace. But, they are losing their share of the market to China because they have run out of places to invest and to develop.

You see, our industrial base is starting to rust, our manufacturing plants are closing, and our large international banks are failing. Our military force is getting weaker every year.

What can the United States do other than to use its dominance in the world market, and our military, to create a free-trade zone where we can run a trade war? The United States has access to the resources of the planet and can use these resources to export our goods to China in the new global marketplace.

China has built up enormous industrial production and is starting to ramp up a large amount of military production. Now, they want to develop nuclear weapons and missile technology, as well as build a large number of space weapons, and all this needs large amounts of steel, and oil and coal.

But, China needs these resources, too, so they cannot afford to cut these kinds of imports. They need to make it through this very uncertain time, because otherwise we will soon be facing World War III.

So, please consider all this in 2020. Please consider how stupid it would be to use our military and the dollar to beat China, who will just retaliate and beat us to destruction.