DAX and FTSE 100 Technical Forecast: Risk of Reversal

DAX and FTSE 100 Technical Forecast: Risk of Reversal

To finish last week, the FTSE just held the June trendline after the violation is on an intra-day basis. FTSE 100 As is the case with other major markets, there is no economic "high impact" event on the calendar. The FTSE broke to a new 2019 high on Monday on the back of fresh falls for the pound amid growing concerns over a no-deal Brexit and expectations for the stimulus of the more central bank ahead of the Fed and the Bank of England meetings . If, however, it can hold and mount a rally, given problems throughout the 2013 top-side trend-line, we want to see a tightening above 7400 and last week two inversion bars before turning optimistic about another record-level challenge or better.

Despite the CFTC and Sentiment IG client data showing a brief upside picture, traders need to look at the price patterns for a potential price increase on a holding position. They can also stay with short-term positioning via ourIG Sentiment Indicator client. With this in mind, one should be wary of any signs that the EU will seek revenge outside the WTO framework, as could the serious dent risk appetite like the chances of an increase in US-EU trade war.

They are not in perfect alignment, but they do not offer a confluence zone from which the market should rebound if it wants to maintain its clean trend structure over the past few months. US markets ended last week on a negative note, closing at their worst levels of the holiday-shortened week. Today, however, it has eased back a bit with larger global markets, with the DAX suffering a sharp decline.

Some investments are inherently riskier than others. In the worst case scenario, the entire investment could be lost. Investors welcomed a report that said the United States would extend a license to allow US companies to do business with the Chinese technology company Huawei. They are already worried about slowing growth in the world's second largest economy, in addition to its large debt levels. The richest investor is not an investment advisor and is not registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission or the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

Mega-cap companies like Microsoft and Apple have become synonymous with the broader market by some investors because of their weight on the index and vast supply chains and have been known to impact other markets. Another of these companies is Microsoft. To this end, the largest publicly traded company in the world by market capitalization is scheduled to report on Wednesday, in an event that could significantly affect the Nasdaq 100.

The risk associated with trading stocks, options and other securities is not suitable for all investors. Investing involves significant risks. Dow Jones daily chart DAX political risk brings the deepest correction Potential The DAX has spent most of the last two months in the middle of an overwhelming rally, helped in no small part by the euro pullback.

The levels of relevance here seem to be around 24,500 and 25,075. The next levels of price support come to 2301, and with the aggressive sale we could see a move towards 2270. The level of assistance on a lower low can come to the parallel minor around 2307.

Index prices remain near the center of the March range, and the monthly resistance held the entire 50% marker of the Q4 sell-off. Within a couple of weeks, they had already perched up to 27 fresh years high, and that enthusiasm lasted until the first couple days of Q4. For example, a higher price than its moving average is generally considered a rising or buying trend. Crude prices recorded a weekly reversal of off monthly highs and the risk of further losses in the near May. Crude prices Weigh short term Vs long term Breakout UScrude oil pricesput for their biggest one week drop from mid-July to Friday, but that doesn't translate to much progress in trend terms.

For the next week, forecasts for the FTSE will be held at neutral. See what our analysts have to say in the quarterly forecast. For the next week, the DAX forecasts will remain bearish.

The forecast for next week will be set bullish for the DAX. It will remain in neutral position. It is set in neutral. For the next week, the outlook will be held at bullish, and that will stay until last week's low around 24.900 is taken-out. The outlook for next week will be set neutral on the Nikkei.