Trump Vs. Biden on Economies and Markets

Trump Vs. Biden on Economies and Markets

The debate over who will win in the presidential race has been brewing for quite some time now. Many people have been predicting that either President Obama or Vice President Joe Biden would win based on the number of people they've brought in during their first two and a half years in office. Both of these men are making promises that they hope will be kept and that is not an easy thing to do when you consider the state of our economy. If both of them are indeed running on the same platform, it could be quite a challenging race.

While many will say that President Barack Obama's campaign will ultimately win out because the president has a lot of things working for him, it is not too early to say that it would be much easier for the Vice President Joe Biden to win this thing. It is just that one thing that he does have a big advantage over his opponent.

Many have said that having a great voice and a lot of experience is what makes the Vice President Joe Biden a strong candidate. This is not so, because President Barack Obama has already proven that he can do the job. The only thing that will make him shine brighter than President Obama is his own personal leadership abilities.

It is no secret that Donald Trump has a big personality problem. If he does not want to lose the crowd he has gathered by speaking his mind and being honest with his supporters, he will need to show restraint in his language. Instead, he might want to focus on his accomplishments as the president of the United States of America and that would not be such a bad idea at all.

It might be good to have Vice President Joe Biden talking about how President Barack Obama is doing exactly what he promised to do when he was elected president. Although this might not seem to be good news for the Democrats, the fact that he is being honest with his followers would definitely be a plus.

If the Vice President Joe Biden was to take a different approach and try to talk about the future of the American economy, then this could help his case. In fact, there are several areas of the economy that President Obama has not touched which are starting to suffer, like housing and the health care industry. He might want to focus on these issues and help the economy grow again. Many believe that he needs to talk about ways to bring down the debt in the United States and how it is affecting the overall performance of the economy and that people can use to boost the morale in the country.

With the current unemployment rate being above eight percent, President Obama should definitely be looking for ways to help the economy and not get criticized by his critics. However, he should also be careful not to fall into the trap of becoming too much of an isolationist. Although a large part of the country is blaming him and his economic policy, it will be very difficult for him to get blamed for everything that goes wrong in the United States of America, especially when the rest of the world is facing similar problems.

Even though President Barack Obama might win the race, it may be very hard to convince the Vice President Joe Biden that he has done enough to push his campaign. If he does end up winning the election, it will surely be a close one, but not necessarily a loss either.