K big board a shot in the arm. British Pound (GBP)

the UK market, look no further than the new UK big board. The latest in digital trading technology, the new UK big board is an intuitive and easy-to-use trading solution for the trading novice or professional. It is fast, reliable and flexible, so it's perfect for all investors and traders looking to take advantage of this innovative technology. With an enhanced back-room support and over-the-counter (OTC) trading service, it's not surprising that many experts have already expressed their opinion that this new trading platform could be the perfect tool for newbies and experienced traders alike. It's evident that as technology improves, the demand for a well-rounded platform grows. Newcomers to the market may want to learn more about the Forex Megadroid and its unique features in order to determine if it is the right tool for them.

The creators of the Forex Megadroid were impressed by the positive feedback that they have been getting from their product. They spent long hours studying the behavior of different traders when it comes to trading robots. They know very well that humans are not able to do this because of the speed of the human brain. They knew from their research that a trading robot has to be capable of adapting to various situations and conditions in order for it to be effective. It also has to be easy enough to understand, simple to use and easy enough for a robot to remember.

The latest Forex MegaDroid robot is now equipped with 90 percent accuracy. This means that this tool can trade even if there is a sudden change in the market situation. Because of its intelligent system and unique technology, you will definitely profit from your trades because of its ability to predict market trends. how it works. You can also use it to monitor your trading activities and see how it does in comparison with the market trends. As this robot is a high-tech trading system, it is also wise to use it correctly and not rely on hearsay or your gut feeling.

When you are using a Forex Megadroid, you will have access to live feeds, charts, and quotes from the market. The software has artificial intelligence which keeps it updated constantly. It can analyze data from past trades and make intelligent estimates based on the current information. This gives the robot an advantage over the market because it is able to anticipate what the market will do in the next few minutes. Because of these reasons, Forex Megadroid has been proven

Bank of England Ramps Up QE Program, Rates Left Unchanged, Sterling Pushes

In a Goldilocks Scenario for Markets After the US Election: Risk Assets to Benefit, the following statement is made by the author: "The key to making money in the stock market in a volatile market is to diversify, but in a way that doesn't put your entire life savings or 401(k) at risk." It is an interesting statement, and it certainly is a lesson to be learned.

I was thinking about this a few days ago when I read about the events in Europe that may lead to more turmoil in the stock market. There was news of European governments wanting to take control of their troubled banks, or of the European Central Bank being unable to support the euro in times of crisis. These are all very real threats, and I am not saying they will lead to the collapse of the euro in itself. But they have the potential to cause problems for those who own bonds that are denominated in the euro.

This is not a problem if you have mutual funds, as in the case of the Goldilocks Scenario for Markets After the US Election: Risk Assets to Benefit, the second edition of which I recently read. This book discusses all the potential problems that can come from a large-scale move of assets to protect against a threat. The author, Peter Lynch, is a former derivatives trader who has been teaching financial markets for the past ten years. He has a PhD in Finance and worked for many banks. His knowledge is second to none and it makes his material extremely helpful.

In the book, he goes over the events that could affect bond markets, the stock market, the real estate market, the foreign exchange market, and other financial instruments. The author goes into a detailed scenario that involves each of these sectors.

The first scenario that the author outlines is a period of increased volatility that occurs before the election, leading to a period of market volatility. This is likely to happen during the first week of November, which would make it about four weeks after the election. Then comes a period of stabilization, where investors who have been in positions for a long time to get out at the right time.

Then comes the second scenario, which involves the stock market reacting to the US election in a way that benefits both sides. The market sees the election as a positive event in terms of new leadership, but also sees the current stock market as something of value rather than value. This leads to a period of stability.

The third scenario involves a period of volatility that lasts about four weeks after the election, with the markets seeing the election as a negative event on both sides. This leads to a period of stability. Then comes the fourth scenario, which is a period of stability in which the currency of the country affected becomes stronger, allowing its strength to be translated to greater value, causing it to go up even higher.

By taking a one-step approach, this book provides a good outline for people who are interested in trading in the stock market, in bonds, or in the financial markets in general. The author is well-known and respected in this area.

I am not a professional trader, nor am I an investor, so I do not know if this book is a comprehensive one-stop guide to all aspects of the financial markets. But it does cover all the bases and gets into the nitty-gritty. It is a great resource for anyone who is looking for a general overview, whether as a beginner or someone who is just interested in how the markets work.

I also like the fact that the author's experience in the field of finance is portrayed in the book in a very detail. There are pictures and a lot of graphs and charts and he includes details of how the various aspects of these markets work. in such a way that it seems easy to understand.

I am a big fan of this one-step approach to the markets. I think it provides a good foundation for anyone who is new to the field.

How Will the Election Affect the Stock Market? Dow Jones Forecast

With President Obama in office, there's a big change coming to the stock market - and the Dow Jones Forecast says it will be good for stock investors. In fact, many experts predict that this president has a number of tools that will benefit those investors who are looking for good news in the stock market.

So, is there any reason to worry about what's going on with the stock market? Well, maybe not right now, but let's look at some reasons why you may want to take some action after the election.

First, a lot of people had assumed that the election would mean higher interest rates, which means lower earnings for investors. Now, the election results have been announced and we find out that President Obama has proposed new stimulus package. It seems that he realizes how important it is to have financial backing.

Then, on the same day, the Federal Reserve cut its key interest rate for the first time in nearly nine years, which could affect the money flow in the global economy and could in effect make it easier to trade the Forex market. That's one way to say that things may improve in the US.

The unemployment numbers may even improve slightly during the course of the year as more people seek jobs and employers start filling up vacancies and start hiring again, which means more people getting back to work in the US and the Forex market as a whole. So, if you're still working somewhere and need an increase in income, now may be the time to buy back stock, which means the opportunity to get a good return.

Second, if we look at the economy, the current recession and the housing crisis seem to be behind us in the near future, which means that there will be more jobs available for those who are in the Forex market and who are willing to work in it. And the good thing about the US economy is that it should improve over the next few years as more jobs get created in the United States.

Finally, if we take a broader view of the economy, it will help to provide more buying power for people who are interested in investing in the Forex market. and that could help them invest in stocks that will also benefit the economy overall stock market.

So, the answer to the question is, it seems that there's more upside than downside in the Forex market after the election. And that means that if you're planning to invest in the stock market now, you might want to jump on the bandwagon and invest.

But, if we were to look at the overall economy and the way that the stock market works, it's a bit different. In fact, if we look at the economy, there's a chance that the recession and the housing crisis aren't going to last very long, so the overall stock market may not be able to sustain an increase in buying power, but it could go up.

That's a possibility, which mean that you have a good chance of seeing an increase in buying power in the stock market after the election, but you won't see an increase in buying power as quickly as you might have expected. If the economy picks up, then you might be able to gain, but if it doesn't, you may not.

This may mean that you need to wait until after the election, especially if the stock market goes down and you might be able to wait before you invest again, because it could take some time for the economy to catch up, which could cost you money. And remember, investing right now and waiting will cost you money, and cause you to lose it all.

So, how will the election affect the stock market? There may be some good news on the horizon, but we'll just have to wait and see what happens and wait to find out.

Nasdaq 100 Climbs on Stimulus Hopes, Netflix Misses, Nikkei 225 May Rise

It's quite obvious that the NASDAQ 100 continues to make record profits as investors continue to jump on the stimulus train. So it is no wonder that the Nasdaq is rising on hopes of more government stimulus, and this should be a good thing for those who have already bought the stock before the bubble burst, but who are now holding out.

The NASDAQ may continue to climb on hopes of more stimulus in the future, but is it possible for investors to get a better return on their investment if they buy stocks at lower levels? The fact that it is impossible for the NASDAQ to hit a new high, which would give the investors a higher return on their investment, suggests that investors should be looking for companies that are likely to see their shares increase in value.

While many analysts believe that a recession is looming in the near future, there is no certainty that the markets will be stable any time soon. The fact that the NASDAQ is not at its highest point since it opened the doors to the public also indicates that there are many factors behind the increasing value of the stock. While the recent financial reports may provide investors with some insights into the company, it is important to consider other factors that may impact the company.

The fact that many analysts believe that a recession is coming should also lead investors to consider buying shares in companies that are able to provide them with a better return on their investment. There is little doubt that the NASDAQ is rising in value on the hopes that it will experience continued growth. However, it is important to remember that when there is a boom in the stock market there is also likely to be a drop in the stock prices of companies that are not directly related to the boom, so there are several things that affect the value of the stock.

For example, the economy is probably the most important factor in determining how quickly the NASDAQ can climb, and therefore, it can make or break an investor. While it may be difficult for investors to predict how soon the economy will begin to recover, it's not impossible. And, therefore, if there is a large drop in the value of the NASDAQ, investors could expect that the price of the stock will start to rebound quickly.

The fact that there are other companies that also contribute to the strength of the NASDAQ also affects the overall value of the stock. For example, if a company provides a service that is directly related to one of the companies in the NASDAQ, the value of the stock will increase.

However, it is also important to realize that although the NASDAQ is rising in value, this does not mean that other stocks have reached the same potential. There are other companies that may also experience a surge in value and this means that the NASDAQ may not rise as rapidly.

If you are an investor, it is important to remember that investing in the stock market is something that takes time, and it is also very important to be patient. If you follow the right advice and stick to solid technical analysis, then you should be able to find a great company that has a high likelihood of rising in value.

However, investing in the stock market is not all about hoping for the best. As a result of the NASDAQ being up over the past few years, investors have been given some hope and believe that the housing market will continue to rebound in the near future.

Many people believe that the housing market will improve because the economy will improve. But, if the housing market suffers from the same economic decline that we experienced during the recent recession then the housing market will be hit hard by the drop in demand for homes.

The housing market is important to the economy as well. Therefore, if the housing market continues to be in decline, then a drop in demand for homes will cause a decrease in demand for homes, which will have a direct effect on the cost of homes.

Trump Vs. Biden on Economies and Markets

The debate over who will win in the presidential race has been brewing for quite some time now. Many people have been predicting that either President Obama or Vice President Joe Biden would win based on the number of people they've brought in during their first two and a half years in office. Both of these men are making promises that they hope will be kept and that is not an easy thing to do when you consider the state of our economy. If both of them are indeed running on the same platform, it could be quite a challenging race.

While many will say that President Barack Obama's campaign will ultimately win out because the president has a lot of things working for him, it is not too early to say that it would be much easier for the Vice President Joe Biden to win this thing. It is just that one thing that he does have a big advantage over his opponent.

Many have said that having a great voice and a lot of experience is what makes the Vice President Joe Biden a strong candidate. This is not so, because President Barack Obama has already proven that he can do the job. The only thing that will make him shine brighter than President Obama is his own personal leadership abilities.

It is no secret that Donald Trump has a big personality problem. If he does not want to lose the crowd he has gathered by speaking his mind and being honest with his supporters, he will need to show restraint in his language. Instead, he might want to focus on his accomplishments as the president of the United States of America and that would not be such a bad idea at all.

It might be good to have Vice President Joe Biden talking about how President Barack Obama is doing exactly what he promised to do when he was elected president. Although this might not seem to be good news for the Democrats, the fact that he is being honest with his followers would definitely be a plus.

If the Vice President Joe Biden was to take a different approach and try to talk about the future of the American economy, then this could help his case. In fact, there are several areas of the economy that President Obama has not touched which are starting to suffer, like housing and the health care industry. He might want to focus on these issues and help the economy grow again. Many believe that he needs to talk about ways to bring down the debt in the United States and how it is affecting the overall performance of the economy and that people can use to boost the morale in the country.

With the current unemployment rate being above eight percent, President Obama should definitely be looking for ways to help the economy and not get criticized by his critics. However, he should also be careful not to fall into the trap of becoming too much of an isolationist. Although a large part of the country is blaming him and his economic policy, it will be very difficult for him to get blamed for everything that goes wrong in the United States of America, especially when the rest of the world is facing similar problems.

Even though President Barack Obama might win the race, it may be very hard to convince the Vice President Joe Biden that he has done enough to push his campaign. If he does end up winning the election, it will surely be a close one, but not necessarily a loss either.

Canadian Dollar to Outperform as BoC Dismisses Negative Rates

As the Canadian Dollar continues to weaken against the US dollar, it's becoming apparent that many Canadians are looking towards other international markets for their income. The Canadian dollar has been weakening against the American dollar in recent days. Many who rely on a traditional source of income for their income have seen their income drop over the past two weeks due to this trend.

So what's going on with the Canadian dollar and how will it affect those who live outside of Canada? Well the Canadian Dollar has already dropped in relation to the US dollar. As this trend continues, the Canadian dollar will likely continue to weaken against the U.S. dollar.

The only way for the Canadian Dollar to outperform is if there are other major economic news events that happen in countries other than Canada. This isn't the case at the moment. This is mainly due to the weakness of the Canadian Dollar against the U.S. Dollar. There hasn't been a lot of news coming from Europe recently and therefore the impact of the weaker euro and UK pound is not being felt.

If you are someone who relies on a source of income other than the Canadian Dollar, you may want to make a point to look at investing in Euro. There has been some significant volatility on the Euro in the last couple of days.

With the Canadian Dollar weaker against the Euro, investors may find it more difficult to take advantage of European Economic news. It's possible that European economic news will cause the Euro to break through the psychological resistance level of $1.08.

When the Euro breaks through this resistance level it will be up by over 20% against the US Dollar. It may take a few weeks for the price to stabilize and stay there but at the moment, the Euro looks like it may outperform against the Dollar.

If you want to invest in the Euro, you'll need to understand that the strength of this currency tends to be short-lived. The stronger the Euro becomes against the US Dollar, the weaker the dollar against the Euro.

So the only way for the Canadian Dollar to outperform as the Canadian Dollar gets weaker is if there are major developments in European economies that affect European countries other than Canada. and the United States.

If there is substantial news in the European market then investors should certainly consider putting their money in Euro as the strong currency. It might take a while but it's worth the wait. Once the EURUSD has broken through the resistance levels, it will likely keep going strong and continue to outperform against the US Dollar.

There is also the possibility that the Canadian Dollar will remain under pressure in the short-term and will end the year below its target range. However, if this occurs the Canadian Dollar should start to rally towards its target level.

Investors need to remember that the Canadian Dollar is not a very liquid currency and it does have a higher rate of turnover. than some other currencies. Therefore, investors looking for a high yield investment should consider investing in the Euro.

Even though the Euro has been weaker against the US Dollar recently, it still offers many advantages to investors. If you look long term then this is probably not a bad option as long term, it will likely outperform against the US Dollar.

The Canadian Dollar might also outperform against the Dollar against the Euro in the future due to the weakness of the Euro against the U.S. Dollar. This means that investors are paying less for the same goods.

Dow Jones, Nasdaq 100, S&P 500 Forecast for the Month Ahead

There are two reasons why you should be able to predict the direction of the stock market trend, or how your investment company is going to go. First, it is vital that you understand the fundamentals of how the stock market works. Without this understanding, you can not expect the stock price to move to a higher or lower level, or the index to jump up or down.

Second, you must know the fundamentals behind the stock market trends. This means you need to understand what a stock is, how it works, and why it will make moves. In essence, you have to know the fundamentals of economics, or how prices of goods and services work in the market. Without knowing the fundamentals, you will never be able to make money trading in the stock market. So you should understand the economic factors that affect the prices of goods and services.

Dow Jones, Nasdaq 100 and S&P 500 are four of the most popular stock indexes. All of these are the most traded stocks in the United States. The Dow Jones Index is comprised of the blue chip companies. The Nasdaq includes many companies from different industries.

What you can do to help yourself when it comes to the direction of the market is to become an informed trader. You have to be able to read the news, research companies and their products. You also have to be able to make sound financial decisions based on what you have learned.

So when it comes to the direction of the market, you have to know which stocks to buy, sell and hold. The stock market moves in patterns.

Dow Jones, Nasdaq 100 and S&P 500 will experience some ups and downs. In fact, the stock market is like a cyclical, or oscillating market. The ups and downs are usually in cycles and they last anywhere from six to twelve months.

This is why you need to be able to determine whether the current uptrends in Dow Jones, Nasdaq 100 and S&P 500 are a bear or a bull. You can make money when the market is bullish, but the downside is potentially devastating if it turns negative.

To avoid the danger of falling into the bear's camp, you need to understand the nature of the Dow Jones and Nasdaq. There are two types of stock exchanges in the United States. These are the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ. They operate on different time zones.

You need to understand which type of market to follow in order to make money when it comes to the stock market. The New York Stock Exchange is open in the morning and closes at night. whereas NASDAQ is open twenty-four hours a day. and closes at ten o'clock.

The New York Stock Exchange is considering the stock market that people turn to first for information about the market. Because of its large number of registered users, the NYSE keeps its data up to date. So there is a lot of accurate information in its pages.

In addition to the daily reports, the NYSE offers a wealth of information through web sites. It also has a news section and the ability to make charts, graphs and other informative graphs.

The NASDAQ on the other hand is a smaller market with a much shorter history. But it is widely used. As with the NYSE, the NASDAQ also has a news section and also provides charts and graphs.

Nasdaq 100 Futures Extend Gains, Hang Seng and Nifty 50 May Rebound

The Nasdaq 100 Index has been on an upward trend since the beginning of the year, and investors who are buying stocks of the top 100 companies should be watching to see if the trend continues. A reversal in direction would bring the Nasdaq 100 Index back down to earth after a period of gains.

Investors should not be surprised if the Nasdaq continues to experience gains as the economic outlook for the U.S. is expected to be good. Many of the largest businesses that are currently experiencing strong growth in profits due to their financial strength, are expected to continue to perform well into the year. Investors should look to the long-term health of the economy to determine whether or not the Nasdaq is going to experience further increases. It will not be long before the index is back on the rise.

With so many people looking forward to the holiday season, a period that traditionally brings out the best and brightest when it comes to investing in the stock market, there will be more people buying up stocks of the companies that are expected to perform well during the holiday season. This can mean a good thing for the Nasdaq, but it could also be a bad thing for those who are hoping for an increase in the Nasdaq Futures Index.

If the Nasdaq is expected to fall, investors may feel like they are being punished for purchasing stocks at a low price. The fall could also put the economy into a negative cycle and cause more negative impacts than positive ones. There is nothing wrong with trying to sell a stock that has lost ground but investors must realize that if they want to have any success selling stocks at a low price, they will need to do their research.

The rise in stock market companies in the past few years has caused many companies to release quarterly reports. These reports are released by a company that is expected to outperform its peers in the industry and its current performance could help or hurt the future of the company. If the company's performance is expected to improve, then investors should buy up shares of the stock in the company and the Nasdaq.

Even if the Nasdaq is expected to fall, investors need to know that the stock market will continue to increase in value and the market may continue to rise in value. They should be prepared to take their losses, but they should know that if they hold on to the stock and wait for the stock to rise again, it will eventually do so.

There are a number of factors that affect the market and investors need to be familiar with these investments to be able to predict what the investment trends will be. These factors include the economy, the Federal Reserve and the direction of interest rates. Investors should keep an eye on the movements that these factors will have in relation to the market to see if there will be changes in the direction the Nasdaq is moving.

Investing in stocks is a great way for people to be able to earn money. There is no guarantee that the Nasdaq will experience further gains, but there are many who see this as the best opportunity for them to make some profits. This is one of the reasons why investors should continue to buy the Nasdaq 100 Index and look to see if it will continue to rise in the future.

One thing that investors must understand when it comes to stock market investing is that they cannot simply invest blindly in a stock and then expect it to go up. There are a number of things that need to be considered when purchasing a stock and when it comes to investing. These include how much risk should be involved, the risk that are involved with buying and selling the stock, and knowing when to exit the stock at a certain point.

To be successful when investing, a smart investor will follow trends as well as knowing when to buy and sell. The market is an unpredictable place and no matter how hard a person tries, there is no guarantee when the stock market is going to go up or down.

Investing in the stock market can be both exciting and dangerous, but it is important for people to understand that they need to have some patience. Investors can experience both the good and bad of stock market investing, but they should know when to pull out at the right times.

Gold Price Forecast: What Will Spark a XAU/USD Break Out Rally?

Gold Price Forecast: What Will Spark a XAU/USD Breakout Rally? What's Driving Gold Prices? A Gold Price Forecast is a very useful tool to understand the trend that you need to be able to forecast when the price of gold will turn into a breakout range.

I think that there are two basic reasons why you want to keep track of the current trend when predicting future price trends. The first reason is because if you want to get in and out of the market with your money you have to be in it now. With a gold price forecast you can actually start to anticipate when you can get it. When you start anticipating you can start anticipating when to enter or exit the market for good.

The second reason is that price changes on an upward move tend to be less dramatic than price changes on an upward sloping trend. There are some people that believe that it is better to trade on trend line reversal prices than price reversals. If you know when to expect these price reversal price swings then you can avoid getting involved in these risky trades.

Another thing to keep in mind is that prices tend to be bullish in bull markets, bear markets tend to be bearish in bull markets. Therefore if you watch the price action on the gold charts, you will notice that the price of gold tends to go up in bull markets. This doesn't mean that the bull market will continue to go up, rather this means that the price of gold will likely rise in the coming days and weeks as well.

The key thing to watch out for with this trend is to pay close attention to the volatility of the price. If there is a large amount of price change within a short period of time then the price will likely change sharply and this is known as the upswing. When this happens most traders get into the market to ride the upswing, however when the price starts to reverse and goes down then the risk for making a profit is reduced as well.

This same rule of thumb applies to price breakouts. If the price continues to rise and reverses then you are generally going to want to take a more conservative position as you may find it difficult to make a profit if the price goes lower again in the near future.

I want to end this article by making a point that the trend is important in predicting where and when the price of gold will turn. which is a very true. If you have the right tool you will be able to predict when this happens. You can buy and sell the right times in order to take advantage of the right opportunity.

If you follow the history of the price you can get a feel for when this will happen and you can get a feel for when is the best time to buy and sell and this is something that many traders overlook. This is just one of the things that you need to know when you plan to trade in the precious metal market and with a gold price forecast you will have a much greater knowledge of when the best time is to buy and sell.

To put it another way, you may find the price of gold will rise and then you have a good chance of making a profit when you buy it at this time. However, if the price starts to drop again and then you can find yourself in trouble because this is a time when many people find themselves losing money.

By following the price forecast you can find out when is the best time to purchase and sell the gold so that you do not run the risk of making an early exit when the price is going down. You will know when the best time to buy and sell will be based upon several factors. These factors will include the amount of demand for the metal, if the price has been trending upward or downward and how long the trend is going on.

Another great benefit of being able to predict this type of situation is that you are able to use the information from this forecast in order to help you choose the best time to buy and sell. In other words, if you already know that the price of gold is expected to rise you can take advantage of the trend to buy up the stock now and wait for the price to come back up before it drops again. This way you will get the maximum benefit from the trend you are following.

Markets Week Ahead: S&P 500, British Pound, Brexit Woes, US Dollar, Fed

Markets Week Ahead: US Dollar, Euro, Bank of England, S&P 500, UK Pound, European Central Bank, Financial Market News, Stock Market Data, Federal Reserve Speculation, British Election, UK elections, and more. This is a weekly overview of what to expect in the markets this week.

Market commentary will be varied at this time of the year. The UK is holding an election and the UK is going to have a new leader of the House of Commons. The new Prime Minister is Theresa May, who is a former home secretary. The leader of the opposition in the House of Commons is Labour's Tom Watson.

The British election is about a lot more than just a change of government. There are four major parties in the race. The Conservative Party has been led by Theresa May for several years and has been in power since 1997. The British Labor Party has been in government since 2020 and is looking forward to a new era after the last one was voted out of office.

The Scottish National Party is on the ballot paper in Scotland but is not expecting to win there. The Liberal Democrats are now in government in the UK and are in coalition with the Conservative Party. The Green Party has also won a number of seats in local councils in the UK.

The main issue for voters in this election is the economy. The United Kingdom is still in recession and the United States is beginning to get back on their feet. However, the UK economy is not growing like it should, and many experts believe that it is a result of the recent global economic slowdown. In fact there are a number of economists out there who believe that the British economy is suffering from a large and prolonged recession.

One of the main issues in the upcoming election is whether or not Britain should remain a member of the European Union. If it is to stay in the EU the UK would have to renegotiate its membership, but even if it did leave the UK would lose a number of trade deals that could affect their ability to grow their economy.

The pound is one of the most volatile currencies on the market at the moment. It has lost around twenty percent of its value against the American dollar so far in the last few days. While it is still a good idea to buy sterling, traders have already moved onto other currencies and many are speculating as to whether or not they can gain a bit of a profit from this loss.

Stock market data is usually very quiet at this time of the year. It is also a great time for companies to release quarterly results which will show what they have done with their businesses.

Traders need to understand that stock market data will be affected by the political situation in the United States. The US will be holding its presidential election in 2020 and this could mean higher inflation and higher interest rates.

S&P and other major credit agencies are warning investors about the economic situation in Europe. They say that it is getting worse as the financial situation worsens.

Sterling is expected to break its six-month lows at some point during the week ahead, though it is still too early for many people to know what it could actually do. If it does fall in the pound could go as low as $1.40. At this point it is probably safe to say that the pound will not continue to appreciate in the near future.

The pound is currently worth around a quarter of a US cent, so anything below that value would mean that you should sell and buy. On the other hand it is also possible that the pound could fall to as low as around $1.15 - which would make it very difficult to buy, as many financial advisors will suggest.