NZD/USD Technical Analysis Outlook Warns of RSI Divergence

A NZD/USD technical analysis outlook warns of RSI divergence between USD/NZD/USD. USD/NZD is a popular Forex currency pair due to its easy movements, high liquidity and good support levels. Its relative strength in currency pairs has made it highly liquid and an important global trading currency.

The NZD/USD trading is mainly due to RSI divergence between the two currencies. This divergence is caused by a sudden rise in USD/NZD and a sudden fall in NZD/USD. This can lead to significant market volatility and potentially large market losses.

In this NZD/USD technical analysis outlook, we have outlined a number of potential indicators and strategies that traders can use to gauge the RSI divergence between NZD/USD. It also discusses some fundamental factors that influence NZD/USD. These include the Australian Dollar/US Dollar/Japanese Yen. We also discuss the effect of political developments on NZD/USD.

If you are new to Forex trading and want to find out if NZD/USD is a profitable currency pair to trade, there are several ways to gauge its potential. One of the easiest ways is to watch the fluctuations in its major currency pairs. This can be done by using one of many online indicators, like the MACD. MACD stands for Moving Average Convergence Divergence. The MACD provides an idea of how the market will react to the changes in the exchange rate.

Other ways to gauge the strength of a Forex market and which currency pairs to trade is to look at its strength vs. time (RSI). The RSI is often used as an indicator of the strength of currency markets. The higher the RSI, the higher the market is doing. In the chart of RSI, it may appear as a straight line with a high and low at either end of the line.

A Forex technical analysis outlook also includes information about the political outlook for each country. Some countries are better candidates for political changes than others. When a country's political system is unstable, the NZD/USD may be affected.

Finally, a Forex technical outlook should also look at the supply and demand conditions in the Forex market. The Forex market is driven primarily by supply and demand.

In the case of the US dollar/Japanese Yen, if the Japanese government issues a big sell order against the USD, the NZD/USD may appreciate due to the supply side of the Forex market. Likewise, if the NZD government does not issue a large buy order, the USD may depreciate against the NZD. But if a country's central bank issues a large supply of dollar, the NZD may depreciate due to the demand side of the Forex market. It is important to keep in mind that while these factors affect the value of the currency pairs, they cannot determine the overall direction of the market.

If you plan to invest in Forex trading, one thing you want to be sure of is whether or not your Forex technical analysis outlook is showing any sign of RSI divergence. RSI is a measure of divergence that shows the deviation of a currency from the expected value, which may be interpreted as a warning sign of future economic conditions.

If your Forex technical analysis outlook shows that there is a high degree of divergence, the NZD/USD will probably depreciate versus other currencies because of this divergence. While this is common in the Forex market, in general, if you are trading for the long term, you can probably trade a profit.

The best way to determine if RSI divergence is present is to examine the charts and the past trends. Once you have determined that divergence exists, you should use a good Forex trading system to take advantage of this divergence and make a good profit.

It is important that you stay on top of the latest data on both the supply and demand side of the Forex market to keep yourself up to date on the economic and political outlook for your particular country. It is also important to follow your Forex trading system closely, and when you do, you need to stay aware of possible RSI divergence indicators to make educated trading decisions.

EUR/USD Rate Trades to Fresh 2020 High Ahead of Fed Rate Decision

EUR/USD Rate Trades to Fresh 2020 High Ahead of Fed Rate Decision? Well, we've heard this before and it's not a new one; EUR/USD Rate Trades to Fresh 2020 High Ahead of Fed Rate Decision.

The European Central Bank is set to release an unconventional policy statement on their next rate hike, which is to be followed by a policy meeting in September. It will be followed by a policy meeting in December; this means that it is highly likely that the Euro will fall below the Dollar in the coming months.

It's easy to see why many traders and investors have speculated that the European Central Bank will soon announce another rate hike. With a large number of Central Banks raising rates, we should expect to see the Euro hit a fresh all-time high, and this would be a significant move for the USD as well.

With European Central Bank keeps rates low, there has been a great deal of money and leverage flowing into the Euro. And the last time the Euro was hit with a significant devaluation, the USD fell drastically as well, with the USD/JPY rate at an all time low.

And, according to traders and investors, it is likely that the European Central Bank will be easing up on its monetary policy after their last announcement. This means that the Euro will move higher, and as a result, we should expect to see the USD move higher as well.

If the European Central Bank was to hike rates, the EUR/USD rate would go higher and as a result, the USD/JPY rate would go lower. It would be like a domino effect; as long as the EUR/USD Rate goes up, the USD should go higher.

When the European Central Bank hikes rates, the EUR/USD Rate should be able to adjust itself quickly and thus the USD should be able to adjust itself quickly as well. Therefore, it's not a good idea to buy EUR/USD if the USD is going to fall.

If the EUR/USD Rate is going to move higher, you should sell the EUR/USD Currency because it means you are investing in the EUR/USD in anticipation of the Euro going higher. And if the EUR/USD Rate is going lower, you should sell the EUR/USD Currency as well. if the EUR/USD Rate was to go higher, you should buy the EUR/USD Currency as it will give you more gains, and you can profit as it falls.

With the European Central Bank keeps rates low, it makes it very easy for people to buy and sell the EUR/USD. However, if the EUR/USD Rate was to rise, it would be a major problem for the currency trader. So, if the EUR/USD Rate was to rise, the Euro would fall, and if the EUR/USD Rate was to fall, the Euro would rise.

The European Central Bank has done its part by keeping the EUR/USD Rate at a very low level and this has meant that the Euro has not risen in a very long time. So, if the EUR/USD Rate was to go up, the Euro would rise, but if the EUR/USD Rate was to go down, the Euro would fall.

And, when the EUR/USD Rate is going up, the Euro would likely continue to rise, and if the EUR/USD Rate was to go down, the Euro would likely continue to fall. The only thing you would want to do would be to get out of the EUR/USD Currency.

So, if the EUR/USD Rate was to rise, you would want to get out of the EUR/USD Currency because the Euro would rise, and if the EUR/USD Rate was to fall, you would want to get out of the EUR/USD Currency because the Euro would fall. And if the EUR/USD Rate was to fall, the Euro would probably continue to fall.

So, if you buy the EUR/USD Currency and the EUR/USD Rate rises, you would want to get out of the EUR/USD Currency because the Euro would rise and if the EUR/USD Rate was to fall, the Euro would likely continue to fall. and if the EUR/USD Rate was to fall, you would want to get out of the EUR/USD Currency because the Euro would probably continue to rise.

Gold Rally Outpaced by Silver While Net Long USD Exposure Persists

The rally in gold has been a positive surprise for the financial markets, but the gold rally was outpaced by the silver rally. While net long USD exposure persists, it is still a disappointment that gold is outpaced by silver. There are several factors that influenced the gold rally, but silver has proven to be a strong indicator that economic and political events will have an impact on the gold price in the coming months.

The major impact on the gold price has been the European Union and Greek crisis, which have caused the euro to weaken against major currencies. Economic and political events may also affect the oil price, which has also been affected by the Iraq war.

Silver, a physical metal, has been a stronger indicator of economic events and there is a lot of data available to support the correlation between silver and gold. For example, the gold and silver bars of the late Victorian era, and silver and gold coins of the early 19th century, show a long-term positive correlation with gold prices. There have been several other historical events which may have an effect on silver prices, and the gold price may also be affected by these events.

Gold and silver were metals which have been widely traded, but have not been used as a standard of value in the past. Therefore, there is not an established price for gold, and it depends on the political and economic conditions of the country, which may affect the price of gold.

The price of gold has also been influenced by political and economic events in the past, and this also has had an effect on the gold price. Gold is also influenced by the US dollar. In the past, gold has been a popular investment, but in recent years, the price of gold has been affected by the recession in Europe and the US.

Gold prices have also been affected by the US Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank. The US Federal Reserve has lowered the US interest rate for the first time in six years, and it will be a positive influence on the gold price. The US central bank is also reducing its balance sheet and is expected to start printing more money in order to purchase bonds.

In addition to the factors mentioned above, the gold price is influenced by the economic conditions of individual countries. For example, Greece, which has been the main focus of the recent political and economic events, has a negative impact on the gold price.

In conclusion, the gold price is affected by many factors, and they include the European Central Bank and the euro crisis. It will be interesting to follow the gold and silver prices for the coming months. to see if the gold rally will continue. or if the European Union and Greece have an effect on the price of gold in the near future.

In general, gold prices will depend on the political and economic conditions of the country. It will also depend on the country's economic activity and the current economic situation.

One of the most important aspects that influence the price of gold is the state of the economy. If there is a recession in a country, the price of gold is likely to be affected. If a country is on the brink of a recession, it is likely that the price of gold will be affected as well. However, the effects are likely to be short-lived, and the gold price will usually recover quickly.

Another important aspect that influences the price of gold is the current economic situation of a country. The country's currency is one of the most important factors that influence the price of gold.

The price of gold will also be influenced by the economic conditions of the country, and the country's currency is also one of the most important factors that affect the price of gold. The country's currency is likely to affect the price of gold if the government has recently increased the money supply. If a country has a weak economy, the price of gold will be affected if the economy is weak, as it will be affected by the government spending policies. If the economy is booming, the price of gold is likely to be affected, because the value of the currency will be affected by the growing economy.

USD/CAD Eyes US Dollar Weakness and Bank of Canada Policy Decision

How can you profit from the USD/CAD weakness? Do you have to be the next market maker that calls the markets with the right timing? What if I told you that it was easy to make money with USD/CAD?

If you are trading the Forex markets, then you have to watch the financial news. There are many stories about the recent economic recession and the USD/CAD has declined substantially.

Every time the US dollar is weak against another currency, the Canadian dollar usually rises. This is good news for a savvy investor. Let's face it.

In addition to watching the economic news, you should also monitor the financial news on a regular basis. Sometimes, it can even be as important as the economic news. Sometimes, a currency can move based on speculation of an upcoming monetary policy.

As you can see, if the US dollar is at a low, the Canadian dollar will usually move higher. This is especially true when it is forecasted that the Canadian dollar will go up.

In fact, this is what happened last year when the Bank of Canada made its first policy decision after it lowered the bank rate to 1% from 4%. The Canadian dollar went up as the Canadian economy went down.

The implication of the Canada dollar increasing is that the Bank of Canada has created its first policy decision which supports its first rate cut and has also created the potential for an increase in the Canadian dollar. Do you see how important these indicators are?

Don't forget, even a dollar isn't that much when it comes to risk analysis. It might not seem like a lot of money, but for a trader, a few dollars really add up.

In other words, take some time to study each currency pair in the currency market. Compare their historical trends. You can also watch the financial news to see if there is any support for any currency pair.

As you continue your research, you might notice that some currency pairs do better than others. They might be trying to avoid the big US dollar loss or they might just be trying to close the gap between the currency pairs. This is a great opportunity for a forex trader to enter the market and take advantage of a great currency pair.

I recommend that you take out two or three times more risk for a currency pair that has a strong trend line. This makes it easier to profit in the currency markets.

Take some time to find a currency pair that has momentum and if you can get into an entry position right away, then you will make a killing. I hope this article has given you some ideas for you to make money with the USD/CAD weakness.

Dollar vs Mexican Peso Price Outlook: USD/MXN Rally Testing June High

June's USD/MXN rally was driven by three key factors. We'll consider them in more detail below, but first let's start with the main reason for the rally.

Recent oil data from Saudi Arabia is a catalyst for the rally. Oil prices are driven by several important factors, including demand and supply. In general, the supply-demand balance determines oil prices. When the supply is high and demand is low, oil prices go up.

The commodity that has historically driven the USD was gold, and lately, this has been declining as well. In the past, when the USD weak and gold was rising, the USD strengthened, so we might expect a similar pattern to repeat in this regard.

The Federal Reserve has added to the USD's strength by raising interest rates for the first time in six years. This has pushed the USD even further, strengthening it even more. This is what drove the rally as well.

One other important thing about the rally is recent oil data from Saudi Arabia. This data was seen as highly negative, but we saw an upside break on the USD/JPY and USD/CHF pair and some support at $91.70. This helps to support the USD in the near term. Recent crude oil data from Saudi Arabia is typically very strong.

A "big dollar" is really "a big dollar with a bad economy." What happens when we see a rebound in the USD and a weak dollar? Well, we are likely to see a currency trade to either the downside or upside of its true strength, depending on the ultimate direction of our economic outlook.

In short, we should be looking for a lower rate of inflation. We'll look at this in more detail below. However, if there is going to be an uptrend in the currency, then the USD/MXN will continue to test the June high and we should expect it to end the month either over the June high or a bit under.

Another reason that makes the rally all the more attractive is that the currency has continued to strengthen against the US Dollar. We would expect the dollar to weaken further in an economic down cycle, but things are different this time. The US economy has been slow to recover from the financial crisis and this has been reflected in US economic data like manufacturing output and retail sales.

This means that inflation hasn't moved up, which is a problem. An advantage for the currency would be if it weakens even further and the economy doesn't bounce back. If that happens, then the USD would gain even more strength against the currencies of other major economies.

The way to determine whether the USD would rally or decline in a move towards a lower dollar versus a weaker currency is to watch for any signs of inflation and any reduction in the FX deficit. Let's review some examples where currency strength has been important.

A good example is during the Long Run period, where it's critical to make sure that the two currencies trade together, not to make an adjustment. During that period, it is also important to watch for signs of deflation is often a sign of a weak currency.

The best time to invest is during the Long Run period. We've seen this in history. where currency pairs to trade together, especially during downtrends.

Japanese Yen Outlook: AUD/JPY Dictated by Coronavirus Volatility

There are a number of reasons why the Japanese Yen is rising. It's up because of the possibility of more US interest rate hikes in the next couple of years, and it's up because of the possibility of even more turmoil in Europe.

China's influence on Japanese trade policy continues to be of significance. But it's also because China is worried about deflation and instability in the European Union. The Chinese government has made it clear that deflation will not be tolerated and we have seen that these assurances have not had much effect on investor sentiment.

As for the European Union, it's a problem because the European Union seems to be in chaos and the European government has been operating at a snail's pace. If the European government had a better track record, things would have been quite different. The problems in the EU have forced the ECB to put massive amounts of money into the system in order to provide liquidity and bolster confidence.

However, the presence of a strong US Dollar is most concerning to the people of Japan. This is why Tokyo's yields have risen more than the yields in New York. Obviously, if the Japanese government should decide to devalue the Yen, it would make sense for it to do so by boosting the Yen through interest rate hikes. So we can see that the factors which tend to push up the Yen's value are almost always global in nature.

When one looks at the specifics of economic policies, there is no question that more than a little influence is coming from the US. The same is true for interest rates.

Thus, we can see that there is a global component to the rise in the Japanese Yen, and it is global because more US interest rates are being raised. It may seem odd that an economic policy which is so closely tied to the US economy would have a global component. After all, when the Fed is raising interest rates, shouldn't other nations be doing the same?

Well, the answer is that it depends on where the US is concerned. Indeed, if the US is not raising interest rates, it means that the world is suffering from a large shortage of liquidity.

Another counter-argument, which is very important, is that for the Eurozone, there is no question that deflation is an issue. If we can all agree that deflation is bad, then deflation can be seen as a reason for the rise in the Yen and thus be seen as good news for investors.

Yet another thing that influences the rise in the Yen is because the Japanese government is open to negotiations. Just because the Yen rises doesn't mean that there won't be renewed yen speculation in the future. As long as the Yen rises in value, the possibility of substantial yen speculation is going to be there.

If you're interested in learning more about the Japanese Yen outlook, you can visit Trading Economics. They've done some wonderful studies on the Japanese Yen so far, and we're sure that the yen is only going to rise higher!

Indeed, they've also done some counter-arguments as well. The last time that the Japanese Yen went down a lot (in March of 2020), it was because the US was expected to raise interest rates substantially in the following months.

Gold Prices Edge Up as US-China Trade War Cools, Fed-Speak Eyed

Despite recent sharp and unexpected declines in the gold prices, it is evident that the dollar may soon fall against other currencies once again. As a result, many are hoping for a strengthened dollar - they hope that it can somehow bring down the world's gold prices.

This is not the first time that the economy of the United States has been overtaken by another country. During the previous episode, the Asian economic crisis of 1997, the dollar rose drastically and gold prices fell considerably.

Of course, the current situation is slightly different because the currency of another country has fallen to an unprecedented level. There is still a substantial economic bloc of countries that are dependent on the United States as their major trading partner, and because of this, there is much less risk in having the United States is falling apart than there was during the previous episode of the Asian economic crisis.

Nevertheless, the United States is still in the process of recovering from the recession, which is why there is a considerable amount of fear about the stability of the dollar at the moment. As the international investors begin to realize the true state of the economy, they will become more prepared to cut back on the purchases of commodities.

When this happens, the price of gold is bound to rise because of the fact that it will be seen as a hedge against potential economic problems that will hit the world's markets at some point in the future. Gold prices can continue to rise until the dollar becomes weak, which may not happen for years.

Of course, it is true that the United States is the biggest economy in the world, but it is also true that it has experienced problems that are fairly common in the world, and these problems might have profound effects on the world's markets. Because of this, the fear of the collapse of the American economy has caused a lot of investors to put money into gold rather than into the conventional stock market, which is considered the better investment choice for those who wish to invest for the long term.

During times when the dollar's strength seems to be weakening, the general consensus among investors seems to be that it is best to be ready for the worst. The general strategy of gold investing is one that will be working as long as the dollar continues to remain strong, so investors will be doing well to continue taking advantage of this fact.

If the world economy comes under severe pressure and the American economy does come under some serious strain, then the fear of the dollar crumbling will have a huge psychological toll on the rest of the world. The dollar will most likely continue to act as the main reserve currency, and if it becomes weak, then the strength of the dollar will have a dramatic effect on the economies of all the major nations of the world.

There will be some major ramifications that could occur in the global market as a result of this. Although there are some countries that are not tied to the United States, there will be a lot of countries that rely on the United States as their main trading partner, and so they will most likely feel some sort of strain in terms of the dollar.

It will be a time of great peril for many people because this weak dollar will cause them to have to lower their living standards in order to maintain their standard of living, and some people may even have to find ways to make their way out of poverty. At the same time, there are also countries that depend on the American economy as a source of foreign currency, and these nations will also suffer from the consequences of the weaker dollar.

On the whole, the world economy is a large one, and it has had its problems in the past as well, so the possibility of a huge job loss or other form of economic disaster will cause panic and chaos. Many people are preparing for these scenarios asthe present weak dollar is causing a lot of people to believe that it might have already hit bottom, and that it might be too late to do anything about it.

It is possible that there is still time to save the world economy and prevent it from coming apart. But those who have purchased gold now can take advantage of this and help to ensure that their families are not adversely affected by the collapse of the dollar.

USD/JPY Surges as NFP Report Smashes Expectations

USD/JPY Surges as NFP Report Smashes Expectations - As usual, the Yuan has broken through the crucial 6.00 point line and is being supported at that level by the forex bulls that are making a strong push. Whether or not the trend will continue remains to be seen as we speak. This could be a "bounce" or a "new high".

The Forex Bulls has to be licking their chops for this one as it looks like they are on the right track. There are also a big spike in currency pairs and the $USD pair for this same period. This might be another all-time high in the USD/JPY.

If the trend continues, the more bulls will see USD/JPY at the record of this, or perhaps, this is going to be another high. At least as long as the Chinese market continues to support the Yuan on its strength. Also, there is no doubt that the USD/JPY is going to shoot up when the YANZCAO index hits this historic all-time high.

The Dollar index is coming down. Do you remember all the promises by the Obama administration about "going back to the United States of America and treating our worker's right"? Well, the US stock market, if you believe the Wall Street Journal, is going to go up!

Yes, if the American economy continues to grow and the financial markets continue to go up, you better believe that the Dollar Index is going to go up too. You see, the dollar index will make sure that the Dollar keeps going up (and the USD/JPY down) as long as it can. That is how well coordinated they are going to be.

This group of economic advisors don't care that much about you as a consumer or worker, but they do care about the Country. Well, they care more about the Countries that produce the majority of the consumer goods that they buy. So, whether you like it or not, you better think about the US Economy as a giant capitalist gulp of corporate welfare.

Well, if you are an American who believes that the US Economy isn't a dumping ground for foreign nations to fill up their coffers, and it isn't your fault for believing it anyway, then maybe you shouldn't be trying to protect your currency? Perhaps you ought to try and protect your industries and jobs? You see, in times like these, with a debt to GDP ratio that is over 200%, we are being attacked by the Chinese, by foreign nations, and by individuals. It is these attacks that are holding down the dollar.

The reason why so many people in America can't find work is because they are doing low-skilled work, they are making very little money and are not getting paid very well because they are going for jobs that pay the minimum wage, and they can't get higher paying jobs because they are still making below the minimum wage. Some of them are losing their homes and getting evicted.

The problem is that the dollar goes down in value every day and as a matter of fact, the dollar is now down over 15% against the Euro. So, what will happen when the Federal Reserve prints the first trillion dollars to bail out the banks?

Why is the economic stimulus package coming soon? Do you really think that the US citizens and their representatives, elected in the House and Senate, are going to let them get away with it? I know I sure don't.

This crisis, which is a totally created crisis by the Federal Reserve, is going to take awhile to get fixed. The dollar, despite the inflation that has hit the US recently, is still going to be stronger than the Euro at least until sometime in the next few years.

A Reversal of Forex trading is already coming. Even before the Yuan was mentioned in the news, the dollar was plunging. And I think it will continue to decline, as long as the bad news is coming out.

Gold Price Eyes 2012 High Again Following Break of Negative RSI Slope

It is only logical that after a major correction that the gold price would start to rise again and eyes will turn back to the mid-year highs. Is this time right for a comeback?

After last year's massive bust, does it make sense to expect a Gold Price rebound anytime soon? The answer is a resounding "no" as there seems to be no reason for the correction other than speculative reasons. To my knowledge, not one currency trading platform seems to predict the fact that the correction is coming.

It seems to me that this is yet another one of those bull markets that has an imminent end in sight as it is a short term correction. So I ask, is the correction going to continue in 2020? Should we expect more corrections before it ends?

In my opinion, if the Gold Bull Market was to continue, then we would see some sort of price action to match the correction or downturn. If the gold price takes a dive, then there is the chance for a rebound and most likely the current sideways price trend will end with an uptrend as always.

To be honest, the re-rating of gold by many economists may help the recovery along as many will be attracted to a safer and more liquid investment. I would say most people can't afford gold today so it is quite understandable. Also many are attracted to hedging the risk of inflation and the rising dollar.

And as they say in the money management industry "what you don't know can't hurt". It is up to us to find ways to diversify our portfolio and hedge the risks that we face in the current economic environment.

We should all see this Gold Price rebound as "stopping your nose before it turns to gold". I think the way to look at it is, "diversifying my assets" as I am not holding any of my gold and I diversify my investments in stocks, bonds, and the like.

What about a short-term rebound in gold? Perhaps a pullback for a while but it has been steady from the recent highs. It is a bit of a risk to put all your eggs in one basket, but if it does come to fruition I am more than willing to take that risk.

We need to remember that it takes a huge amount of capital to be involved in the financial markets as there is a lot of leverage involved and no one is going to take any risk of losing all of their money if the market takes a dip. And if you don't hold the bull on the gold price then what makes you think that you are going to be right on the next rebound?

The answer is simple, it takes intelligence to take any position that involves investing in stocks and bonds, futures contracts, and even the gold price. So that is where we need to focus our attention.

There is one thing that all of us can do though that will help keep our eye on the gold price as we go through each market period. That is to continue our regular trading habits and stick to the day trading plan.

By sticking to that plan, we allow our brains to allow us to avoid the pitfalls that will make us lose money in the market and help us stay focused on the gold price. Remember these old words "Steady as the gold price".

Gold Price Outlook Mired Ahead of June by Negative RSI Slope

There's an interesting story in today's Financial Times that might be used as the basis for an explanation of why the gold price is in a bearish trend. If you have no idea what this story is about, let me fill you in.

Recently, many people have been talking about how China and Japan are stopping buying oil because their refineries and other aspects of their economies are stifled. In order to do this, they are having to get other nations to buy oil with them rather than doing it themselves. It appears as though the world is about to move away from oil to become dependent on electric power, with the future reliance being on nuclear power to provide energy.

Naturally, we've already witnessed this trend taking place within the last 50 years, during the industrial revolution. You can see the beginnings of an electric age occurring within the nations of Western Europe and the United States. Once these things begin to happen, then there will be so much dependence on electric power that this is going to be the predominant source of energy for the foreseeable future.

This means that gold prices will be closely monitored by investors for the next few months, and I don't see this trend continuing much longer because of the fact that the fundamentals of this story don't look very good. The fact that the US has already cut back on its own consumption of oil does not bode well for the price of gold, because it also implies that the nation is really not worried about the cost of oil as much as other nations are.

At this point, the European nations have almost become fossil fuel independent, which is not too far off from the end of the industrial revolution. They have already completely scrapped the more expensive forms of fuel, but they still rely on oil heavily to power their vehicles.

As well, since the countries of Western Europe are now fossil fuel independent, the gold prices are on a negative slope. At this point, you would need to have about twenty-five times the price of gold in order to purchase one ounce of gold at current prices.

The concern that many gold analysts have, and you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who disagrees with this assessment, is that this gold price outlook is very unfavorable for the future of gold prices. The current trend looks very unfavorable for the long term, and a number of them might see the gold price decline by several hundred dollars.

If I had to guess, I would say that the initial downturn will be a little less dramatic than the subsequent recovery from this negative slope, but I can't really tell you for sure. What I can tell you is that the economic condition in the United States will have a major impact on this, and it will also determine if this eventual move away from oil will turn out to be a temporary setback or if it will turn out to be a permanent phenomenon.

As a matter of fact, if you looked at the history, it would appear that nations that have gone through periods of negative gold prices usually ended up dropping their reserves by one third or more. This is because they simply ran out of money.

Not only does this bring in the public opinion for hoarding gold, but it also gives them an indication of what the monetary authorities are thinking. In other words, if there is a problem with the dollar, you'll know it because gold prices will rise, and if there is a problem with the supply of dollars, you'll know it because gold prices will fall.

In fact, if this keeps up, you'll notice that nations that are buying gold because they feel it is undervalued will face a major problem when the negative slope starts. This is because gold will be considered a reserve currency that is worth something like one hundred percent of its face value, and this is a great place for governments to put their hard assets when the dollar is in trouble, and that's where gold will be highly demanded.

To be successful, you really need to get their attention in order to achieve your goals, and when you get your agenda passed by international leaders, you will be able to realize that you have reached a critical mass of the population that is holding gold, and it is just a matter of time before the dollar collapses in a disorderly manner. and you will be forced to change course.